Attitude Towards Authority

Our attitude towards those in authority begins in our childhood and continues throughout our life impacting how we view a wide variety of relationships.

Americans have sometimes glorified the image of the rebel.  That it is somehow glamorous or praiseworthy to reject the direction of those in authority.  “Nobody is going to tell me what to do!!!”  I have often heard that statement made over the years by a variety of individuals. This attitude can have terrible consequences.  The truth is that many people can, and should, tell us what to do; our parents, our teachers, our employers, our political leaders, among others.

“Honor thy father and thy mother, that it might be well with you, that you might live long upon the earth.”  This commandment is taught to children, and it is a lesson that will impact our lives.  If we honor our parents, life will go better for us.  If we learn to accept that there are people who can “tell us what to do” it will help life to go more smoothly.  We don’t have to do what a teacher tells us, but if we don’t our grades will suffer.  We don’t have to do what our boss tells us, but we might be fired.  We don’t have to obey the laws, but we may have to pay the penalty.  Get the picture?

I believe that our attitude towards those in authority will even impact how we look at God.  Can God tell us what to do?  I believe that the lesson of honoring our parents, respecting authority, will serve us well throughout our lives.

4 Responses to “Attitude Towards Authority”

  1. Cherie Bell Says:

    Can’t help thinking about how many thought Jesus was a rebel.

    Guess whether we’re rebels or authority respecters depends on who you ask and which authority we’re respecting…

  2. cgirod Says:

    Jesus respected the authority of his parents and the established political power. He reprimanded religious leaders because they had strayed from the path of true righteousness. The next post will deal with when to resist authority.

  3. LisaB Says:

    Woah! Not meaning to make light of your serious discussion here, but I discovered something somewhat shocking yet humorous as I checked the blog out today. I’m curious if anybody else had the same thing pop up under “possible related posts” as I did. It was not at all what I would expect to find as a related post to anything in this blog (hence the initial “Woah!” in this comment.)

    The possible related post that was listed was:

    “Jolie: Pregnancy Makes Sex Exciting”

    I don’t think I WANT to know how that is supposed to be connected to your attitude toward authority commentary!

  4. cgirod Says:

    LisaB, I noticed that as well. I hope that you noticed that the possibly related posts are automatically generated. I have nothing to do with it. I did wonder about the connection, but not enough to go read the post!

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