Held Accountable

As a minister and a teacher my jobs are relatively flexible in how I spend my days.  This can be both  a good thing and a bad thing.  It is good because I can adjust my schedule as the need arises.  It is a bad thing because there is always, always, always, more to do than there is time available.  There are services and classes at set times that I need to be prepared for, but, otherwise, I decide how to spend my days.

That is actually quite a challenge.  It is a matter of deciding not just what to do, but what will not get done.  How do I know if I am making the right choices?  I imagine that if I asked people, everyone I asked would give a different answer.  In the final analysis, it is God who will be my judge.  I take very seriously my responsibility before God with the life that I have been given.  One day I will be held accountable for my choices.  I pray that God will guide me in my decisions.

  Actually, we will all be held accountable.  What have we done with our time, our money, and our other resources?  It is not just pastors and teachers, but all of God’s people who will stand in the presence of God and give an account of our lives.  (Romans 14:12)  May God give us all the wisdom to make the right choices, and the strength and courage to follow through with our actions. 

9 Responses to “Held Accountable”

  1. tjalexander Says:

    Flexibility is good is some cases. My brother Don for example has a job that he loves and he just goes to work whenever he wants. He can work at 3 a.m. if he feels inspired to do so. I think the key with having a job with this much flexibility is having a passion for it. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t have a passion for eyewear, but I’m thinking it’s a good thing that I have set hours for work.

  2. Suzanne Says:

    Amen and thank you

  3. LisaB Says:

    I’m curious. Do you think God will bring back to our memory what all was going on at the time of certain situations when we’re being held accountable? How many times have people done something they normally wouldn’t do because of extraneous circumstances connected to something and how many times, even those not exactly falling into that category have we looked back and said “WHAT was I THINKING?” or when we tried to remember and just don’t know what it was we did?

    I remember when my grandmother was living with us there were certain memories that haunted her at times that influenced how she behaved or reacted at times. I suspect there came a point when she just reacted but couldn’t remember why because of dimentia. Eventually, her lack of memory seemed to be setting her free sort to speak from some of it. Are all those disturbing memories going to be restored when He holds her accountable for things she did as a result of them? If you can’t remember it to give account for it how can you account for it?

  4. cgirod Says:

    LisaB, I believe that God will bring back the vital information. More importantly, I believe in His mercy and His grace. Our accountability has more to do with our level of reward, than our eternal judgement.
    (II Timothy 2:19-21)

  5. cgirod Says:

    tjalexander, I sometimes miss the established hours. I was pretty good at not bringing work home with me when I worked at ADM, or any of the many places I have worked. As a minister, I am always on call, and may have people’s lives on my heart at any time day or night.

  6. tjalexander Says:

    well… there is that. 🙂 But we do appreciate your call and your being obediant to it.

  7. cgirod Says:

    tj, thank you, it is nice to be appreciated.

  8. Gloria Says:

    You work too much. I long for the day when the balance between work, sleep, and fun will be more in proportion. Some day 🙂

  9. cgirod Says:

    Gloria, that day will come. Meanwhile, we will enjoy the challenges and the joys of the life that God has given us.

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