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The Word and the Spirit

June 11, 2008

Experience is great, but it is important that we have something by which we can evaluate our experiences.  The Bible provides us with the means to establish a framework of understanding. 

Experiences can lead people in any direction.  God’s Word provides the right direction.  If our experiences are guiding us in a way that is contrary to God’s Word, then our experiences are wrong.

Over the last few years I have been greatly impressed with how God uses the combined effect of His Word and His Spirit.  The Word provides structure.  The Spirit provides life.  The Word provides perimeters.  The Spirit provides insight.  The Word provides direction.  The Spirit provides motivation.  The Word impacts our intellect.  The Spirit touches our emotions.  The Word fills our mind.  The Spirit fills our heart.  They work together to transform us from the people that we were, to the people that we are becoming in Christ. 

May that work continue both in me, and in you.