Subtly Astray (August Rush)

Recently, Gloria and I watched the movie “August Rush” .  It was enjoyable, but I wonder how many people realize how well it expressed basic Taoist philosophy?

Throughout the movie the boy is talking about the music that is all around, that he hears and tries to express.  He also believes that as he plays that music he can be reunited with his parents. 

The parents meanwhile are also musicians.  They also express themselves through their music, although they had set it aside temporarily.  They connect to some powerful force, which inspires their music.  When these three musicians are in harmony with the music around them, they are reconnected.

If you substitue the “Tao” for music, it fits pretty well the basic philosophy that we are to try to live our lifes in harmony with the  “Tao” which can be partially defined as “the creative rhythm of the universe”, which is believed by Taoists to be all around us.

I wonder how many people are subtly led into pursuing a line of thinking that is based in a religion that if they were openly exposed to, they would quickly reject?  Our society is filled with teachings and practices that are contrary to the Word of God.  We need to be careful, and to hold on to that which is good.

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3 Responses to “Subtly Astray (August Rush)”

  1. Russell Says:

    I so agree. Films like “August Rush” and other media, have a way of wrapping nice story-lines around dangerous lies. I know little about “Tao” but I do know that most of us are not very savy at detecting lies. We need greater [in quantity and quality] encounters with the Living Word of God.

  2. sue Says:

    we are so eager to be a part of something, that at times i think we go for almost anything. whatever is feed to us, we have the resposability to reach out and find the meaning. i think that is very true in our society, schools and churchs. being grounded in the word of God is the only reliable source we can trust.

  3. cgirod Says:

    Russell, Thank you for your comments. Daily encounters with the Living Word of God are highly recommended for one’s spiritual health.

    Sue, Indeed people want to be a part of something and the greatest thing to be a part of is the body of Christ. May God help us to gladly receive all who are looking to belong. May we share with all who will receive it, the love of God, expressed through His body, represented by the local church.

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