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Cultivating an Awareness of God

June 3, 2008

In the presence of the Lord there is fullness of Joy… (Ps 16:11). 

God is omnipresent.  I remember this word from my days in confirmation at St. Mark’s Lutheran church.  It means that God is everywhere.  Since God is everywhere it means that He is always with us.  When we are “seeking”  God, it is not because God is lost, or is hiding from us.  Rather, it means that we are wanting to have a closer encounter with His Holy Spirit.  We want to experience His presence, not simply have an intellectual knowledge of a curious fact.  I believe that we can cultivate an awareness of God in our life.  I believe that whatever we are doing, we can sense the presence of God.  This takes practice, but I believe that it is part of what Paul means when he encourages us to “walk in the Spirit” ( Gal 5:16, 25)  I believe that it is an essential part of having a life that is filled with the joy of the Lord.